Allen & Heath Avantis mixing desk

Dry hire day / week rates:
Avantis mixing desk: £160.00 / £480.00 +vat
Avantis mixing desk plus Expander Unit: £200.00 / £600.00 +vat
Trade Account Holders' discount available up to 40%

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Avantis from the Allen & Heath range of digital mixing desks, with up to 64 channels and a 42 mix bus architecture. Analogue XLR connections are rear-mounted for 12 inputs and 12 outputs, plus AES digital input and output.

Avantis is a cost effective desk hire where a larger mixing desk format and features are needed, but without the expense of a larger desk. Higher I/O channel counts can be handled by adding a DX32 or GX4816 Expander Unit.

Main features

  • Inputs: 12 mic / line-level, AES on XLR (rear)
  • Outputs: 12 analogue, 2 AES on XLR (rear)
  • DX32 and GX4816 Expander Units also available for a higher I/O channel count, or use as a Stage Box
  • 24 fader strips in 2 banks across 6 pages / layers, each fully assignable to any input channel or mix / bus
  • 64 channels / system inputs (mic level, line level or networked)
  • 42 bus architecture (effects, groups, matrix, auxiliary)
  • 12 stereo effects engines ('RackExtra') with dedicated returns (they don't use up input channels)
  • Individual 28-band graphic EQ plus 4 band parametric EQ for all mixes

Manufacturer's promo

Allen & Heath promotional video

Avantis mixing desk shares the same 96kHz DSP heart as dLive, offering many features per channel without using up effects rack channels. An extensive effects rack can be built up using the superb internal FX engines, including delays, reverbs, and valve pre-amp modelling.

Twin HD touchscreens help the logical workflow and quick location of any feature needed.

Avantis works well as a monitor desk with digital-split inputs linked to a larger desk at FOH.


Other features and specifications

  • 96kHz sample rate as standard with very low latency processing (0.7ms)
  • XCVI Core DSP engine as used by dLive and SQ series mixing desks
  • All inputs have compressor, gate, and high-pass plus 4-band parametric EQ processing
  • Fader strip LCD custom labelling plus colour choice
  • 'Chromatic Channel Metering' using LED colour and brightness levels to show input signal levels from -72dB to +18dB
  • Twin 1080p HD touchscreens with gesture control
  • Assignable rotary controls
  • Record stereo output to USB or internal storage (24bit, 96kHz)
  • Playback stereo from USB (16 or 24bit, 44.1, 48 or 96kHz) or internal storage (24bit, 96kHz)
  • Excellent range of onboard effects including dPack upgrade: 4-band dynamic EQ, 4-band compression, valve pre-amp modelling, reverbs and delays across a 12-way internal 'rack'
  • Plus a range of channel limiters and compressors that don't use up effects buses
  • Automatic Mic Mixing (AMM) facility to help workflow in multiple-microphone conferences and panels - up to 64 channels across 1, 2, or 4 control zones
  • 24 assignable DCA Groups plus 8 assignable Mute Groups
  • 24 assignable softkeys for various functions
  • Offline show and scene programming using Director for Windows / Mac
  • 2 x USB connection (show / scene storage, audio record / playback)
  • Word clock BNC
  • 2 x RJ45 network port
  • SLink RJ45 / Ethercon audio data link (CAT5/6): e.g. link to Allen & Heath DX32 Expander stage box, or Allen & Heath dLive mixing system as a monitor desk for split duties with FOH desk arrangement.
  • Supports the Allen & Heath ME-1 and ME-500 Personal Mixing System units (via SLink port)
  • Dimensions: 269mm H x 917mm W x 627mm D (10.6" H x 36.1" W x 24.7" D)
  • Weight: 26kg (57.4lbs) plus flight case

Manufacturer's information & media

Avantis processing intro

Getting started with Avantis

Avantis FX engines

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