Mainline have over ten years' experience producing small and medium-to-large live events. One size doesn't fit all: we tailor to your event needs, working with your organisers and other service providers, right up to full turn-key production on a green-field site.

We extend our in-house expertise with a talented and experienced team of freelance sound and lighting engineers.



Manc Floyd - ELR Raise The Roof Festival

Manc Floyd - ELR Raise The Roof Festival

We aim to get the best possible sound results regardless of PA system size.

With unwanted noise spill becoming more important for event organisers and venue owners, we offer our sound control and sound management services. From sound system design and optimisation using Martin Audio's DISPLAY software, to event sound management, we can take care of your event audio requirements and worries.

We supply a range of high quality Martin Audio PA systems. At the sharp end, we can provide experienced FOH and monitor mix engineers, with experienced stage technicians.

We offer a range of multi-track recording options for up to 64 channels via a Dante network, or directly from some sound desk models.



Alistair Griffin - Whitby Rising festival

We have a very diverse lighting design and operation experience. We've worked with touring live acts, small to medium music festival stages, dance events and time-coded firework displays amongst others.

Using design tools such as SketchUp, Capture and Visualiser, we can share lighting designs with you. We welcome your input to the design process, then you'll see realistically how your show will look from audience areas.

With full rigging services available, we can provide flown lighting grids and lighting bars.



Outdoor L E D screen and P A system

Outdoor LED screen and PA system for the
England vs Italy European Cup final

There is an ever-increasing appetite for visual media to enhance an event experience. Festival attendees, conference delegates and customers all have a high expectation for displays, whatever the venue or size. LED screens are becoming an essential part of many events and are now more affordable than ever, thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing processes.

We offer a very versatile LED screen solution, built up to the required size. With a pitch of 5.3DPI, our stock system is great for indoor events, while also being bright and weatherproof for outdoors. It's also 'quick', reproducing fast moving video more faithfully, with less flicker, tearing or smearing.

Our LED screen service is all-inclusive, including all trussing and rigging.



Truss lighting towers

Truss lighting towers

Mainline provide numerous rigging and stage solutions for audio, lighting and AV.

For lighting, we can provide flown grid trussing and lighting bars on stands. For sound systems, we offer PA towers for flown arrays.

Mainline work with various partners to provide all stage sizes as part of a full production package. We can supply stages raging from simple Revostage Deck for an intimate bar gig, right up to a full festival Litedeck / Steeldeck stage and PA wings, or tower rigging for a flown PA system.

Our trussing DJ stand is a popular option with plenty of room for several DJ turntables / decks / controllers and mixer, with many hanging points for lighting and effects.



Power cable

Power generation & distribution

Power provision can be problematic, particularly as sound systems require a sufficiently high capacity to handle low end frequencies. Mainline can look after high quality generator provision as part of a full production package.

We source from suppliers with fuel-efficient generators, offering eco / greener options instead of traditional diesel for today's more aware and concerned festival people.

We have several mains power distro options available, from 125A 3-phase to 230V 13A. We can supply step-up adapter cables and breakout, to adapter units with RCD protection, and the Avolites Art 2000 PowerCube incorporating distro, dimming and DMX distribution.



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