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PA speaker hire

We stock a wide range of PA speakers for hire, either as complete systems or to supplement existing compatible systems. Please note all speakers listed are priced per speaker where they're not part of an overall PA system.

For PA hire on smaller gigs, a pair of Mackie Thump 15 speakers are recommended for vocal reinforcement. They are versatile and conveniently mains powered with built-in amplification. A great alternative is a pair of HK Audio Polar 10 speakers with wired or convenient Bluetooth connection. The Polar 10 system is easily transportable and very popular with event DJ's.

A small format Logic Systems Ethos CA rig would be the next step up, giving amazing clarity and coverage with a good bass end at 5kW. From there, a CA rig can be expanded as ground-stacked or flown in full-format at 9.5kW. This gives extra mid / high coverage and double the bass and sub-bass power for slightly larger gigs.

The Ethos VA range is more suitable for PA hire on larger gigs. The system can be ground-stacked in its smallest form with SB2 sub bass, 2 x B2 bass and 3 x VA mid high speaker cabinets per side, totalling 11kW. The VA system can be expanded upwards from there, and ideally flown in a vertical array e.g. for an outdoor festival PA. We have a full range of amplifiers and speaker controllers to suit each Logic Systems VA or CA format.

Please contact us with your PA hire requirements. Mainline serve Manchester, the North West and UK Mainland.

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