HK Audio Polar 10 Speaker

Dry hire day / week rates:
£30.00 / £90.00 +VAT single speaker set
£50.00 / £150.00 +VAT pair of speaker sets
Trade Account Holders' discount available up to 40%

HK Audio Polar PA with Bluetooth

Perfect for a range of events, HK Audio Polar 10 PA speaker system suits musicians, DJ's and conference A/V duties alike. The Mainline team are very impressed at the volume and clarity available from such a compact format - a very versatile speaker system with four input channels and onboard mixer.

Polar 10 is equally at home for singers with guitar and backing tracks, meeting speeches, or cranking out party hits. The 10" subwoofer gives a great low end. The full speaker set gives a far superior sound quality compared to other column speaker systems.

Setup is easy, and the Bluetooth® connection reduces cabling.

Wide angle dispersion from the mid / high speaker column ensures great coverage for your audience. Plenty of volume up front on the dance floor while the oldies can still chat comfortably further back in the room.

Features and specifications

  • Two-part easy build setup, plus optional extender column for longer throw
  • 2,000W inbuilt amplifier
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR / 1⁄4" jack line / mic; 1 x 1⁄4" instrument; 2 x RCA phono / Bluetooth® 5.0 aux. input
  • Output: XLR mono mix (input to a second Polar 10 set)
  • Frequency response: 38Hz to 20kHz +⁄- 10dB
  • Mid / high speaker dispersion: 120° horizontal, 30° vertical
  • 10" subwoofer
  • 6 x 3" midrange drivers
  • 1 x 1" high frequency compression driver
  • Weight (full speaker set): 26.9kg / 59.3lbs
  • Height, full system: 213cm
  • Dimensions (subwoofer): 36.6cm W x 62.5cm H x 54.1cm D

HK Audio promo

HK Audio Polar 10 promotional video

The extender column is easily fitted for further room throw when extra height is needed for floor-mounting.

Add a second Polar 10 speaker set for stereo / wider coverage, or as a delay line further back in the venue to ensure more even levels throughout.

HK Audio Polar 10's inbuilt mixer will accept up to four inputs including microphone and instrument line level. A Bluetooth® wireless connection is available for playing / streaming off a phone or other device. A simple user interface and display enables an easy setup for any event, including low / medium / high EQ for the main output.

The unit's size and weight make it straightforward to handle and can be built up with a minimum of cabling. Excellent feedback rejection helps stage positioning. Performers can often work with the speaker behind them on stage without a separate foldback monitor.

More information & media

HK Audio Polar 10 promotional video

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