LED screen hire

Hire day / week rate: £100.00 / £300.00 +VAT per m2 including structures, setup, and delivery within 25 miles / 30 mins of our office.

MA500 modular LED screen is the latest in a large range of high-end video wall solutions from the Unit Company.

LED screens have 5.3 DPI (LED pixel pitch of 4.81mm), giving 43,264 LED's per square metre, and have weatherproof protection to IP65. Hence these are suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Individual panels create a very versatile display panel with wide viewing angles and high brightness. Very high refresh rates ensure superb clarity and detail on fast-motion video.

Weatherproofing makes it suitable as an outdoor LED screen for music festivals. Verstility also makes it suitable as an indoor LED screen / video wall for concerts and corporate exhibition events, floor standing or flown on a structure.

Images and videos are seamless across the whole screen: there are no bezel borders between panels, unlike with older designs.

Images can be displayed across multiple screens, for example to give a continuous flow to both sides of a stage, in front of a DJ and behind.

A curved LED screen may be built as concave or convex along the horizontal.

Panels are currently available as 500mm × 500mm and 1000mm × 500mm, for screens up to 6m × 3m, best suited for High Definition.

Please contact us to talk through your video wall / LED screen hire requirements.

LED screen main features

  • DPI 5.3: LED pixel pitch of 4.81mm
  • Weatherproof to IP65 for outdoor screen use
  • Wide viewing angle: up to 160° horizontally and vertically
  • Seamless image: no visible 'frame' boundaries between panels when used as a flat screen
  • Flat or horizontally curved screen arrangement
  • Very high refresh rate: no 'ghosting' distortion on fast-motion video
  • Brightness adjustable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Silent running - no cooling fan noise distraction for critical indoor events
  • Full colour or grey scale
  • 'Black' LED style allows superb image contrasts
  • Structures, rigging, scaler interface and setup included

Other details & specifications

  • Curved screen, concave arrangement: up to -10° angle in 2.5° steps between horizontal panels
  • Curved screen, convex arrangement: up to +10° in 2.5° steps between horizontal panels
  • 208 × 208 LED matrix, 43264 LED's / pixels per m2
  • Brightness (nt, cd/m2) 1000 indoor / 5000 outdoor (minimum)
  • Greyscale depth: 16bit, 65,536 shades
  • Panel dimensions: 500mm × 500mm × 85mm D, or 1000mm H × 500mm W × 85mm D
  • Panel weight 500mm × 500mm: 7.85kg
  • Power consumption: 280W/m2 typical average, 850W/m2 maximum (running)

Demo media

Demonstration concave curved LED screen / video wall

Choosing an LED screen size

How many panels / m2 will I need?

Don't worry, we'll guide you through choosing a screen size. There are three main things to consider:

We've probably all seen it: an important brand logo stretched, or a someone's face squashed to fit on a screen... Likewise, showing a 16:9 video on a square screen will be less cost effective due to 'letterboxing', as the upper and lower parts of the screen won't be used.

Our scaler unit can make any image or video fit the whole screen area, but ideally the aspect ratio needs to match well. This will avoid distortion or cropping, making best use of the screen area.

Aspect ratios are given as Width : Height

Film and video are commonly 16:9 or 4:3

Don't worry, we'll do the maths for you! Or work it out as follows:

For available height, the width is calculated from Width = Height × Aspect ratio

If the dimension is slightly more than the nearest half metre, consider if the image / video would still be fine without the extremities shown ('cropped'). This would avoid the expense and size of additional panels. Our image scaler can resize to suit, otherwise round up to the nearest 0.5m so no part of the image would be lost.

Example: if your available screen height is 3m to show 16:9 video, the width needed is

Other examples

NB please also allow additional space for structure dimensions - we'll advise.

Image resolution

For images to display well, they need enough pixels available on the screen.

Generally, website logos and icons won't display well on bigger screens. For example, a company or artiste logo approx. 150px × 150px will fit well on a 1m2 screen, which has 208 × 208 LEDs (pixels).

An image can be resized to fit a bigger screen using the Scaler unit, but the image will degrade rapidly the more it is enlarged, so text and detail won't be as sharp.

For larger images with more pixels than the screen, the Scaler unit can reduce dimensions to suit. The is preferable to enlarging an image without enough pixels.

Again, the screen aspect ratio needs to be chosen to match your images. Portrait images such as fashion shots will work best on screens taller than they are wide.

Other media

Demonstration two-screen build

Contact us for video wall / LED screen hire options. We serve Manchester, the North West and UK Mainland.


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