JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-Dante multitrack recorder

Dry hire day / week rate: £90.00 / £270.00 +VAT
Trade Account Holders' discount available up to 40%

JoeCo digital multitrack recording

A very compact multitrack / multi-channel digital recorder for live performance. Record up to 64 channels directly to USB storage.

Main features

  • Simple main operation
  • Dante audio networked
  • Broadcast WAV file format at 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz sampling rate, 16 or 24 bit depth
  • Record up to 64 channels of audio at 24bit 48kHz sampling rate (up to 32 channels at 96kHz)
  • Playback up to 64 channels for 'virtual' sound check
  • Up to 8 balanced line-level wired inputs
  • USB2 external media storage
  • Supplied with a PS2 QWERTY keyboard

The BlackBox BBR64-Dante is a high-end recorder aimed at capturing live concert performance, without needing a separate computer / PC.

Recording files are easily transferred straight from USB storage to a computer for backup, then importing into a Digital Audio Workstation for post production mixing.

A big strength of the recorder is multi-channel playback of recordings - a 'virtual' sound check without the performers being present. No other connections are necessary, as this uses the same Dante network cable for playback and recording. Simply route the playback channels to a Dante-equipped sound desk as channel inputs.

We use the BlackBox BBR64 in pre-production rehearsals, and also when we get to a venue before the band arrive.

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Other features

  • 1U 19" rack mounting - supplied in a suitable ABS case or rack mounted with other gear as required
  • Front panel transport and menu touch controls with LED and screen indication
  • PC ASCII keyboard for channel / song naming and other menu functions
  • Failsafe and accidental-safe features
  • Headphone monitoring of individual channels
  • External word clocking and Linear Timecode (LTC) inputs
  • Looping playback features
  • Split into separate songs while recording without stop-starting

Manufacturer's information & media

BlackBox BBR64 Dante overview

Please contact us to enquire about JoeCo BlackBox recorder hire. We're based in Greater Manchester, serving the North West and UK Mainland.


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