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Now available to hire: a very versatile handheld smoke machine offering a wide range of smoke textures including fog, steam, haze and dry ice. Battery operated with 500CFM fast fill and long haze hang time, SmokeGENIE is ideal for stage, filmmaking and photography use.

This highly controllable unit is supplied with an accessory kit - switch quickly from fogging and fan-assisted hazing of a stage through to precision placement of smoke with a dry ice texture for close-up photography.

Features and specifications

  • Battery operated, handheld operation
  • Stand-mountable remote operation
  • Haze, fog, steam, and dry ice smoke textures
  • 500CFM output for fast filling
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) smoke fluid - odourless and safe for everyone
  • Compact and lightweight - easily concealed as part of a stage prop

Manufacturer's promo

SmokeGENIE Promotional demo videoSmokeGENIE Promotional demo video

Remote operation is also available - use as a concealed stage prop, triggered off-stage or out of shot with the remote fob.

Smoke fluid useage is extremely efficient - fast fill and long haze hang times mean the unit won't need to run continuously unlike other portable smoke machines. Haze a 50 m2 studio for up to 30 minutes from just one minute of operation.


Other features

  • No conventional boil time required
  • Fan accessory included to aid hazing
  • 100 levels of overall controllability
  • 5 smoke power levels from haze to fog
  • Replaceable 18650 Li-ion rechargeable cells - hot-swappable, resume use immediately
  • Power efficient - uses 93% less energy than a conventional smoke machine
  • 30 minutes of operation at highest power setting per charge
  • Fluid efficient - only small refills are required
  • Long haze hang times compared to standard PG fluid
  • 15 minutes of haze at max power from one refill
  • 200 minutes of haze at max power setting from each fluid bottle
  • 100 hours smoke chamber usage before replacement
  • Continue using while charging
  • Inbuilt protection from overheating and empty running for safety and to prolong smoke chamber life
  • 360° operation (time limited use when non-upright: use nozzle accessory kit to redirect smoke in other directions)

Manufacturer's information & media

SmokeGENIE promotional review videoSmokeGENIE promotional review video

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