Manfrotto Black Magic 587B winch stand

Dry hire day / week rate: £60.00 / £180.00 +VAT
Trade Account Holders' discount available up to 40%

Manfrotto lighting stands

Black Magic is a rugged, heavyweight wind-up / wincher lighting stand for the most demanding situations. Supports up to 200kg at 5.5m (18 feet).

Main features

  • Maximum load at full height: 200kg
  • Minimum height: 1.65m (5.3')
  • Maximum height: 5.5m (18')
  • Fully adjustable to any height within range
  • Top attachment: 28mm female - fits standard camera spigot, truss adapter, etc.
  • Unit weight: 80kg

Black Magic winch stands are very versatile, if brutal. Designed for larger / heavier lifting applications, they can be more cost effective than a full tower structure. We use them frequently for stage lighting grids and flying PA line arrays.

These stands use a multiple internal forklift chain design instead of steel cabling. This offers more stability and smoother lift / descent operation. It also avoids the snagging associated with external cable / reel stand designs. Various integrated features ensure safety is at the forefront of the design and use.

The fold-away leg design ensures a small footprint for storage, moving and transporting.

Black Magic stands are available from Mainline with adapters to fit truss such as Prolyte X30V and Global Truss F33.

Other features

  • Internal forklift chain design
  • Four-section riser
  • Double winding handle
  • Foldable four-leg base stand, 2.38m dia. max. footprint
  • Integral bubble spirit level
  • Levelling adjustment on each leg, up to 6° ground slope
  • Integral self-locking safety catch and clutch mechanism for safe descent

Please contact us to hire Manfrotto Black Magic lighting stands. We're well placed to serve Manchester and the North West.


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